What is AppointMentor? — AppointMentor is an easy to use website that allows people to book, cancel and rearrange their appointments online, with 24/7 accessibility, and convenience of any time, any place, anywhere bookings (using computers, iPads, and smart phones)

Manage Appointments Online 24x7

  • Book, cancel and rearrange appointments online
  • It is an encrypted and secure system and validates the identity of the users
  • AppointMentor is very easy to use, it can be integrated with your existing website.

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Fully controlled by the Organisations

  • Organisations can choose which appointments to make available online
  • Charge customers online and the ability to set up advance payments options
  • Capture impulse buying, have 24×7 booking available to develop & manage Customer Relationships

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Fully Responsive-Use it on Computers, Tablets, Phones

  • Facility for easy bookings, 24/7 accessibility, any time, any place, anywhere(laptop, tablet, phones).
  • Select from a larger pool of available appointments.
  • Provides empowerment for customers who can choose appointments to suit their lifestyle

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