Live​ ​Recall​ ​Links

The Problem

Recalls are the bread and butter for many practices. However, often when patients receive the letter or SMS reminder for recall, they are busy and put it aside to call the practice later. Of course later they forget to book. Or when the patients have time to book the practice is closed during lunch time or in the evening. This results in many lost recalls, loss of revenue, and lapse of relationship with ​the ​patients.

Solution:Live​ ​Recall​ ​Links

AppointMentor Online Booking allows you to send simple Live Recall web-links in your recall SMS, emails and letters; prompting patients to book from their smartphone or PC then and there, 24×7 throughout the year. Their booking is updated directly in your software, automatically ​updating ​your ​appointment ​book.

  • Improves ​recall ​attendance ​significantly.
  • Frees ​up ​reception ​staff ​time
  • Fills ​up ​white ​space ​in ​the ​diary

How​ ​to​ ​set​ ​it​ ​up?

The ​setup ​is ​really ​easy, ​select ​the ​communication ​method ​and ​follow ​the ​instructions ​below:

  • Email ​and ​SMS ​Recalls
  • Letter ​Recalls

Email ​and ​SMS ​Recalls ​Templates:

  1. Log ​in ​to ​your ​AppointMentor ​control ​panel. ​Navigate ​to ​the ​Recalls ​Manager. ​Select ​recall examination ​(if ​you ​have ​multiple ​schemes ​you ​can ​choose ​different ​exams ​and ​durations).
  2. For ​emails ​and ​SMS ​recalls, ​copy ​the ​Live ​Recall ​Link. ​The ​link ​has ​the ​following ​format:[Patient ​- ​Patient Code] ​(the ​number ​in ​above ​example ​35 ​is ​practice ​ID ​generated ​by ​AppointMentor ​system, ​your ​practice ID ​will ​be ​different).
  3. Open ​the ​SMS ​or ​email ​recall ​templates ​in ​R4. ​You ​may ​wish ​to ​also ​update ​the ​text ​of your ​message ​(e.g. ​add ​a ​line ​directing ​the ​patient ​what ​to ​do, ​such ​as: ​to ​book ​an ​appointment, please ​click ​…). ​Paste ​the ​link ​you ​copied ​in ​the ​previous ​step ​within ​your ​Recall ​Message. ​Your message ​would ​look ​something ​like ​this:

    Now ​when ​your ​system ​sends ​Recalls ​notifications ​through ​SMS ​or ​Email, ​a ​link ​for ​the ​patients ​will ​be automatically ​inserted ​in ​the ​message ​allowing ​them ​to ​book ​their ​recall ​appointments ​online.

Letter ​Recalls ​Templates:

1. Log ​in ​to ​your ​AppointMentor ​control ​panel. ​Navigate ​to ​the ​Recalls ​Manager. ​Select ​the ​recall examination ​(if ​you ​have ​multiple ​schemes ​you ​can ​choose ​different ​exams ​and ​durations). 2. For ​Letter ​recalls, ​copy ​the ​Letter ​Live ​Recall ​Link. ​The ​link ​has ​the ​following ​format: (the ​number ​in ​above ​example ​35 ​is ​practice ​ID ​generated ​by ​AppointMentor ​system, ​your ​practice ID ​will ​be ​different) 3. Open ​the ​recall ​letters ​template ​in ​R4. ​Update ​the ​text ​of ​the ​letter ​(e.g. ​to ​book ​your ​recall ​online, click ​below). 4 4. From ​the ​Add-Ins, ​traverse ​and ​select ​the ​the ​mail ​merge ​Patient ​Code ​field, ​insert ​it ​at ​the ​end ​of the ​link. ​This ​would ​add ​a ​data ​field << ​Patient ​- ​Patient ​Code >> Your ​link ​should ​look ​like ​this:<< ​Patient ​- ​Patient ​Code >> (If ​you ​copy ​paste ​the ​link ​and ​there ​is ​already << ​Patient ​- ​Patient ​Code >> ​at ​the ​end, ​please ​delete ​it and ​add ​it ​from ​inside ​MS ​Word ​to ​work ​properly). Now ​when ​your ​system ​sends ​Recalls ​notifications ​through ​letters, ​a ​link ​for ​the ​patients ​will ​be automatically ​inserted ​in ​the ​message ​allowing ​them ​to ​book ​their ​recall ​appointments ​online. 5 FAQs 1. How​ ​much​ ​does​ ​it​ ​cost? This ​service ​is ​included ​in ​AppointMentor ​package, ​it ​costs ​nothing ​extra ​to ​use. 2. Do​ ​I​ ​need​ ​to​ ​change​ ​my​ ​SMS​ ​supplier? Nope, ​Live ​Recalls ​Links ​service ​does ​not ​require ​you ​to ​change ​your ​current ​SMS ​text ​supplier ​or ​make any ​other ​changes ​to ​the ​system. ​It ​simply ​adds ​a ​link ​pointing ​to ​booking ​page ​in ​your ​template, allowing ​patients ​to ​click ​and ​book ​online ​rather ​than ​calling ​in. 3. Can​ ​we​ ​have​ ​different​ ​recall​ ​times​ ​for​ ​Private​ ​vs​ ​NHS​ ​patients? Yes, ​you ​can ​select ​different ​schemes ​and ​durations ​for ​recall ​appointments ​from ​the ​Recalls ​Manager in ​AppointMentor ​Configurations. 4. Do​ ​we​ ​need​ ​to​ ​manually​ ​put​ ​each​ ​patient’s​ ​code?​ ​If​ ​a​ ​patient​ ​books​ ​an​ ​appointment,​ ​how would​ ​we​ ​know? The ​patient ​code ​is ​automatically ​put ​into ​the ​link. ​Appointments ​booked ​through ​the ​Live ​Recall ​Links show ​in ​CSD ​R4 ​appointments ​diary. ​Practice ​gets ​email ​and ​notifications ​pop ​ups ​on ​the ​screen. 5. Can​ ​the​ ​patient​ ​see​ ​all​ ​of​ ​our​ ​appointment​ ​diaries​ ​and​ ​booking​ ​lists? No, ​patients ​are ​only ​shown ​a ​list ​of ​appointments ​available ​to ​book, ​they ​can ​not ​see ​other ​patients appointments ​or ​how ​busy ​the ​practice ​is. 6. How​ ​secure​ ​is​ ​the​ ​system? Online ​booking ​is ​fully ​secured ​through ​industry ​standard ​encryption ​and ​security. ​When ​patients ​click the ​link, ​they ​are ​asked ​to ​confirm ​their ​date ​of ​birth. ​Patients ​can ​only ​see ​the ​appointment ​slots. Patient ​medical ​information ​is ​not ​transmitted ​or ​sent ​to ​any ​external ​party. 7. Would​ ​you​ ​sell​ ​our​ ​practice​ ​data? No. ​We ​are ​registered ​with ​the ​Data ​Protection ​Act ​and ​as ​a ​UK ​based ​company, ​fully ​comply ​with ​the laws ​and ​regulations. ​Full ​details ​of ​our ​privacy ​policy ​are ​provided ​on ​our ​website ( 6