Frequently Asked Questions

AppointMentor provides complete guidelines, but these Frequently Asked Questions will help clarify frequent areas of confusion.

AppointMentor Online Booking system opens a new channel for appointment booking via your website, where existing and new patients can book 24/7. Of course you get to choose which treatments and which dentists your patients can book along with which time slots should be made available for them.

No, the practice is in full control of their appointment books. Appointmentor Online Booking System has advance features which determine every parameter of appointment booking just like the receptionist on the desk. [/accordion
Practice controls the ability for patients to book appointments with any dentist or with a particular dentist.

Appointmentor Online Booking System gives practice the option to choose any patient scheme for online booking; it can be either NHS, private or any insurance scheme.

Yes, practice can upload certain treatments for patients to be able to book online, treatment time length can also be modified in accordance to each clinician.

AppointMentor Online Booking System provides the option to charge for missed or cancelled appointments. Patients are displayed a message that if they miss or cancel the appointment in less than the defined time, they will be liable for the amount set by the practice. Practice can also charge upfront for treatments, while patients pay using their Credit or Debit cards. [/accordion
Yes a practice can decide as to how many appointments a patient can have at any time.

Yes Appointmentor Online Booking System comes with an online interface. You can manage its setting from any where in the world with the internet connectivity and it even works from the smart phone devices.

Appointmentor Online Booking System has the ability to take new patient sign up details from the practice website straight into the back end management system. This speeds up the sign up process and reduces the chances of error. Patients can also update their contact details at a later date which is automatically updated in the practice management system.

Appointmentor Online Booking System automatically generates and send emails to all the patients about the new feature to book appointments online with the steps to follow. Practice can also display notices in the reception and waiting rooms, and dentists / receptionists simply inform the patients upon their next visit.

No, AppointMentor Online Booking System does not allow any double booking.

AppointMentor Online Booking System uses the industry standard leading edge security; with a very strong (128 bit SSL) encryption layer.

Yes, AppointMentor Online Booking System can work from your own website and from our central portal for which you get a complimentary listing.

Appointmentor Online Booking System will automatically generate the reports for the booked, cancelled and re-arranged appointments and you can get comprehensive reporting on demand. [/accordion
You would only require Internet connectivity in your practice. Appointmentor Online Booking System runs from your existing hardware and works smoothly behind the scenes, allowing your patients to manage their appointments even when the practice is closed or over the weekends.

Yes you can charge for appointments in 2 ways.
Upfront Paymets:
While patients are booking their appointments, they can pay using their Credit or Debit card. Money gets transfered into your account and appointment gets inserted in your back end system. You will receive a confirmation notifcation with the booking.
Missed or Cancelled charge:
You can put a charge for an appointment if a patient misses or cancels their appointment. In the event of missing/cancelling you will receive a notification email from the system to charge patients card.
Our payment options help practices to sell their treatments online along with preventing them against FTAs.

Patient can access the practice website and log on to book the appointments.

No, patients can only book appointments for treatments the practice has allowed them to book, and only in the sessions or slots made available for Online Booking. Additionally, practice can restrict which dentists can patients book appointments with. The system is designed to be flexible but can restrict different options based on practice requirements.

Yes, patients can book at the time at their convenience. It is real time and automatically syncs with the practice management system.

Yes every patient will have a username and password which they can use to login. This is communicated to them via emails or recall letters (or they can be informed at the reception desk).

Yes system allows patients to cancel and re-arrange appointments, however, practice has the option to set up a notice period whereby restrictions can be applied to prevent last minute changes.

Yes the Online booking system will allow family members to book appointments together.

Each existing patient is assigned a unique activation code. Patients can request their activation codes from the practice via email or phone (required only once at the Online Booking registration stage). This process avoids creation of duplicate patients in the practice management system.

Yes new patients can sign up from website and their details will go straight in to R4 patient records. However, practices have the option to restrict new patients from signing up (or, only allow new patients to have New Patient Exam appointment booking).

No, AppointMentor does not allow double booking. If a patient is booking the same slot online while the receptionist is booking on phone, then whoever presses the booking button first will get the slot. In case the receptionist books the appointment, the patient booking online is informed that the selected slot is no longer available and requested to search for other available slots.

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