Rapport Patient Manager

  • Never losing a potential customer
  • Knowing which part of your marketing is working
  • Tracking the conversions from New Patient Calls to Registration and Appointments
  • Knowing the customer’s name when phone rings
  • Record patients’ consent for marketing and communications; having better compliance with the GDC standards
  • Up-to-date patient records– which automatically flag any missing information
  • Monitoring conversions from New Patient enquiry calls
  • Having all these with automation, unprecedented ease and simplicity
Now we never lose a customer…

“Rapport really enables our practice to make sure no business opportunity is missed, by allowing call-backs to missed calls; as well as capturing patient consent and their referral sources. It’s great being able to greet patients by name as we know who is calling.”

– Dr. J. Gardee Glasgow Smile Clinic.

Say Hello to Rapport Patient Relationship Manager
  • View the caller’s name and number for the incoming calls, enabling receptionist to greet patients personally.
  • With one click on the pop up, open a window displaying all the important information about patients in one place, whilst enabling new appointments to be booked and existing appointments to be managed **, ideal for receptionists who have to multitask; answering phones while attending to patients at the reception area.
  • View missed callers, listed with their phone numbers. This call back facility can be initiate with one click, and allows you to ensure no unhappy customers or missed business opportunities.
  • Review calls history and trends, What is the average call wait time? When are most calls coming in? How many calls were missed and at what times? Call history entries are hyper-linked to the patient records for your convenience to streamline the practice communications.
  • Open multiple patient records at the same time in different windows and book multiple appointments for them simultaneously- this is not possible with most Practice Management Systems at the moment.
  • Update the patient information and records, Rapport is proactive and automatically checks the existing database, highlighting any missing patient information. The system prompts the receptionists update this information, enabling the practice to benefit from email marketing campaigns and text messaging; whilst saving postage costs.
  • Monitor the referrals process, How are patients finding out about the practice- Google, Newspapers, Word of Mouth, leaflets? Rapport enables you to track and evaluate your marketing activities, understand your ROI and achieve efficient results from your marketing expenditure.
  • Collate and track valuable information, Have your patients been informed of practice policy? Have they granted permission to receive marketing communications from you? Have potential treatment plans been offered / discussed? Rapport is flexible and easy system to enable and manage information collection.
  • Track the conversions process, increase your revenue by monitoring how successful is your practice in converting initial calls to appointments.
  • Gain insights into the customer demand and call patterns; easily understandable reports graphs help your practice in informed decision making.

Each new patient, on average, represents an income potential of £1,000 for your practice. Rapport facilitates and helps in making sure important calls are not missed, getting patients consents for additional marketing and sales, helping your practice to increase its income potential.

Rapport has a one-off license fees of £1495^, and £30/m for support and maintenance. This fees covers the practice main phone line and up to 3 receptionist PCs for pop ups. Any additional lines or additional licenses for PC are available at one-off fees of £150 each.

To place your order, please contact us today: Speak to Mubbasher (07950 383 749) or Ahmed (07883 075 733);or email us: sales@appointmentor.com

* Available with TAPI compliant phone systems

** Compatible with R4 and iSmile.

^All prices are exclusive of VAT.

Images are for illustration purposes only. The company reserves the right to enhance or otherwise change any aspect of the software solution.